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Get Your Ducks In A Rowe


College Students

Fix The Missing Link In Education To Nail

Your Job Interviews & Become A Star Hire!

Jim Rowe

Successfully coached scores of family & friends recent grads to:

  • Prepare properly for interviews


  • Perform well on interviews 


  • Land those 1st jobs


  • 45+ years in brand marketing

  • With 30+ years as agency owner

  • Managed clients + HR Director

Author of best selling 2-book fable series on:


  • Critical Thinking


  • Communication

  • Including how to prepare for      & succeed at Job Interviews

A Sample Of Book Reviews & Survey Results Among

Students Who Used The Books As Textbooks Fall '23

See Home Page For More Reviews/Research Results

Executive Review

Academic Journal (1 of 3)

Grad Student Reviews

Podcast & TV Appearances

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