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Get Your Ducks In A Rowe



CEO / CMO Jim Rowe Marketing  (Since 2018)

Jim is a proven business owner-operator, team leader, business /marketing strategy and branding expert.

He has the experience, the expertise, and the process to help grow small to mid-sized companies due to a unique background as:


MME: Agency co-founder, 27 years as one of 3 Sr. Partners:

  • An Outsourced CMO: A unique aspect of Jim’s tenure at MME was that he functioned for smaller clients as the outsourced CMO including being member of the Executive Management Team, or he was an integral part of larger clients marketing team, for 10 different companies.

  • This experience led Jim to see the need for the JRM Embedded Marketing Model. More than just a consultant, Jim brings his unique experience as part of your team PLUS a support team of marketing executives and importantly creative talent. This eliminates the need to hire both a marketing team and an ad agency. The JRM Embedded Marketing Model is the most efficient approach to help you grow your company and add value to your business.

Saatchi-HMG Promotion and InterMark Divisions: President

Whitbread NA / Cutty Sark + 10 other brands: VP Marketing

The Coca-Cola Company: Brand Manager of Brand Coke

LoveTheIsland.NET: E-commerce brand owner

Jim Rowe Marketer Author Keynote Speaker
Jim Rowe 45+Yr Marketer 30+ Yr Agency Owner Worked On Major Brands In A Range Of B2C & B2B Categories For Large And Small Companies

Member Of

Jim Rowe 45 Yr Marketer 30+ Yr Agency Owner Was Also Human Resources Director For His Agencies & A Member Of SHRM
Jim Rowe 45+ Yr Marketer 30+ Yr Agency Owner Is A Member Of SCORE Long Island
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